Driven by trust

In an industry that’s about caring, building relationships and making decisions, it is our people’s commitment at every step of the property management lifecycle that makes the difference.

What is it the one thing that drives our passion, day after day?

Trust !

Property owners’ trust is what guides us, inspires us. It drives our ambition to keep on making sure that the next day will be even better that the last.

There’s no greater catalyst than trust. It feeds our expertise in all our lines of activity !

Trust, a value we share with our clients

« We are pleased with our appointment of HumaKey. They are experts in what they do and are committed to providing exceptional service. »
Nic Fox, Partner, head of Middle Europe, Europa Capital Partners

« We chose a company that operates on a human scale, one that works alongside us as a committed partner. »
François Ménagé, Managing Director, Balzac Reim

« A dynamic approach to property management, a human quality and a commitment to keep their promises. »
Sophie Kramer, Vice President of Asset Management at Northwood Investors

« Professional and interpersonal qualities are key success factors for owners. »
Ara Adjennian, Executive Director, THOR EQUITIES

« I appreciated their responsiveness, independence and professionalism, moving traditional Property Management forward. »
Xavier de Saqui de Sannes, Director of Asset Management, Invesco Real Estate, France & Belgium

HumaKey, a human adventure

Every new project begins with an encounter: ours happened in 2009 within an international real estate group.

What we had in common was the ambition to innovate and change the profession of property management.

Today, we want to deepen our commitment to our investor clients and our occupants.

HumaKey is an agile, responsive management platform on a human scale. It is guided by the deeply held values we share with those who place their trust in us.

Thierry Henry & Stéphane Bureau

Our values

Everyone at HumaKey shares strong values that guide us in everything we do.


Our teams’ transparency, availability and responsiveness. Commitment, trust, confidentiality and consideration.


A commitment to fair pricing, balanced owner-tenant and supplier relations and the optimization of financial flows and rent collection.


Responsible management, best environmental practices, controlled energy consumption, targeted sustainable development initiatives, certifications.


Collaborative information systems, a full-web solution with real-time access, digital tools, data management and optimization.

Our commitments and priorities

There is no such thing as downtime when you’re managing real estate. By nature, a building is “living matter” that constantly requires our attention and a wide range of tasks – usually urgent.

Prioritization is therefore key, along with an ability to constantly adapt our management operations.

Results are what matter most to our customers. This is why our commitments focus on the results delivered, not the tasks accomplished.

Our Commitments

Our commitments are based on our four key values, which are essential to building a partnership with our customers. They indicate how we achieve the objectives that have been given to us. Our team of committed, passionate professionals place their expertise at your service.

Our commitments also provide a framework for proper, effective management: financial balance, the latest generation of tools and environmental guidelines for each building.


Shared priorities are the key to success. We work together with our clients to set periodic key objectives. This focus enables us to ensure we harness the most appropriate resources to ensure sustainable improvement to sensitive issues, to guarantee the successful completion of complex or delicate tasks – and maximize asset value.

For every task, a completion deadline: this is a HumaKey priority.

When management creates value

These two innovative approaches not only ensure the improvement of performance indicators, they also serve to deepen our teams’ commitment. Through the pride they take in the positive outcomes they achieve – in terms of satisfaction for both tenants and property owners – our people develop the skills and knowledge that are an indispensible and intrinsic part of our business.

A well-managed building is a more predictable building; it is more attractive and therefore more liquid on the market.

HumaKey transforms management into value creation.

Case Study

Our management platform is designed for :

  • institutional investors
  • investment funds
  • real estate divisions
  • private investors, family offices
Our service offering

We aim to provide a range of personalized services that cover all the needs of investors

Property Management

A comprehensive property management offering through a rental, technical, administrative and accounting management mandate.

Value creation tasks, such as lease renewals, monitoring construction work, letting coordination and overseeing marketing activities for shopping centers.


Including work related to targeted projects: cost analysis, technical consultancy, Project Management assistance, project supervision, audit, set-up, etc.

We apply our expertise and tailor our resources to every stage of the real estate cycle.

Our commitment is to ensure effective management of the property at all stages of its life cycle.


Office property

Retail property

Residential, hotels and serviced accommodation


• Operational cost analysis

• Technical, organizational and safety audit

• Assistance with pre-delivery operations (OPR/OPL)

• Set-up of New buildings: marketing and letting

• Rental market analysis

• Verification and approval of scope of information available in the data-room


Phase 1 : Analysis

• Operational cost analysis

• Technical, organizational and safety audit

• Analysis of the tenancy situation

• Verification and approval of scope of information provided


Phase 2 : Management and value creation

Managing tenancy and legal issues :

• Drafting and negotiating tenancy agreements

• Monitoring tenancy agreements, relationships with tenants

• Monitoring and analysis of turnover

• Legal monitoring

• Tenancy renewals

• Managing vacant property marketing and lettings coordination

• Managing disputes

• Fiscal management, relations with public authorities

• Managing insurance contracts and claims


Accountancy management :

• Collecting rent and common costs, issuing receipts

• Managing expenditure

• Managing cash-flow


Technical management :

• Drafting contracts (calls to tender and specifications)

• Drawing up operating cost budgets

• Monitoring services provided on site, quality control

• Drafting multi-year investment plans

• Monitoring building works (extensions and renovations), project and contractor management

• Guarantees of perfect completion

• Environmental and certification management

• Regulatory monitoring, HSE management (Health, Safety, Environment)


Reporting :

• Administrative, accountancy and technical

• Accessible online in real time

• Client interface


Management of joint ownership property, AFUL land ownership associations, Associations and other forms of cooperative ownership (ASL)

Shopping Center Manager


• Setting up the data room

• Verification and approval of the scope of information provided

• Supervision of all required inspections

• Assistance with the sale process




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